Growing your own – Even in a rental home

Source: Growth Tips for Beginner Gardeners – Vegepod

Growing your own veggies even in a rented property!

Growing your own vegetables is not always easy or practical, especially in a rented home. I saw the Vegepod on the TV program Shark Tank a while ago and was fortunate enough to be given one for my Birthday. WOW, what a difference that has made! I love my Vegepod! Here are some excellent tips for getting the best best out of your pod straight from the manufacturers!  ~ Enjoy the Day!



Amazing Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds – Herbs Info

Chia seeds are packed FULL of health-giving nutrients, vitamins and minerals! 🙂 Did you know that they are 18% Omega-3’s by weight?

Source: Amazing Health Benefits Of Chia Seeds – Herbs Info

The Melbourne Map by Melinda Clarke


   We are on a creative journey to put Melbourne on the Map. Like you, we love Melbourne and believe this beautiful city deserves to be immortalised at this time in her history.  Three years ago we began the process of creating “The Melbourne Map”. Many thousands of hours ha

Source: The Melbourne Map by Melinda Clarke

What a brilliant project! Something to really get behind Melbourne Lovers!

Happy Easter!

Have a Happy Easter!

Chocolate, Hot Cross Buns, Easter Egg Hunts,  Friends, Family ~ Enjoy the Day

Bad News Fatigue!

News News and More News

Listening to my favorite radio station today, a conversation around Bad News Fatigue suggested that we are so overloaded by bad news from every source and so often that we have become not only Bad News Fatigued but also less compassionate and caring as a means of self-preservation. Can we do anything to shield ourselves from the effects of bad news but remain loving, caring and compassionate?

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